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The VUE is Lynchburg’s premier Student Housing brand, designed specifically with YOU, the student, in mind. All our communities are rent by the room, for students only and are fully furnished.


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In the case of this evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed and are contractually obligated to provide housing for our residents, and residents continue to have the option as to when they choose to physically occupy their apartments between now and the end of the current lease terms. We have heard from many students that they desire to stay at their college apartments instead of going home and running the risk of potentially infecting their parents and grandparents who may be in a higher risk category. All this holds true for students living in private off-campus properties at all of the universities across America, whether they have leased in modern purpose-built student communities such as ours, traditional multi-family apartments, duplexes, townhomes and multiplexes, single family rental homes, or any other type of off-campus housing. It is for all of the reasons stated above, we are not offering lease terminations and refunds at private off-campus apartment communities.

We have closed amenity access to the clubhouse and fitness center and are following recommendations made by local governing authorities. While we have adjusted to accommodate social distancing best practices, we continue to operate and support our residential communities as students fulfill their academic mission. We want residents to be assured that they will still have a place to live within our communities. (The Vue Communities have adopted this COVID-19 response from American Campus Communities).

If residents think they have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop flu-like symptoms, we are advising that they immediately contact their healthcare provider and follow their instructions. Additionally, we recommend that students contact their university and refer to guidelines provided by university and local health officials. Please refer to CDC.gov and the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America at whitehouse.gov.

If you believe your roommate to be sick, have them contact their healthcare provider immediately, and continue following CDC-recommended cleanliness and social distancing guidelines. The healthcare provider will work with local health departments to provide additional instructions and manage the response to any suspected cases of COVID-19.

Account Login

Prior to move-in residents will receive an email containing a Resident Portal username and password. This information can be used to login to the associated account within the Resident Portal.

Simply go to the Resident Portal and click “Reset Password”, a new password will be sent to the email address associated with the account. Just follow the instructions within the email to log in.


If your desired community is on waitlist you will need to submit the application and pay the application fee. As we get notices from students that are graduating and moving out, we will email the next waitlist applicant in queue. You will lock in the pricing that was offered at the time you submitted your application as prices are changing weekly. Full groups will get preference. If we are unable to secure a spot for you we will refund your application fee.


All rent installments are due on or before the 1st of each month for the duration of the lease term. We do offer a five day grace period that ends at 11:59 PM on the 5th of each month, during which payments will be accepted without incurring late fees.

Rent charges can be seen by logging into the Resident Portal (see “Account Login” for help accessing this information). The rent installment amount can also be found within the signed lease agreement. A copy of the lease is provided by DocuSign after signing.

Late Fees

A late fee is 10% of the total rent amount. Late fees are applied to the account after a 5 day grace period (see “Rent” for more information).


Our corporate office has not been able to finish planning the logistics of operating tanning. The rooms are built and the tanning beds are there, but we have not been given a date yet, I am sorry.


Oasis 1 & 2 Bedroom – Full XL
Oasis 4 & 6 Bedroom – Twin XL
Cornerstone – Full XL
College Square – Full XL

We recommend for common areas kitchenware (utensils, pots, pans, etc.), bathroom supplies, and cleaning products. For individual rooms we recommend bedding (see above for bed sizes), pillows, clothes hangers, etc.

Yes, there is no need to purchase or move any additional furniture.


The dates for the lease term can be found within the signed lease agreement. A copy of the lease is provided by DocuSign after signing.

When you rent with us you are only responsible for you. If you rent a regular apartment with another company in town and one of your roommates falls on hard times or skips town….. you are stuck with and responsible for their rent and their utilities if they do not pay.

This is a great benefit that our students and parents love!


Follow these steps to setup autopay:

  1. Login to the Resident Portal (see “Account Login” for help).
  2. Enter new account information or edit the currently saved information. This will be the account that the rent payment is deducted from on the 1st of each month.
  3. Check the box for automatic payments to sign up for auto draft.

Move-in Appointments

Prior to moving in, an email should be received with information on scheduling a move in appointment. If this was not received please call or email (manager@vuecommunities.com) the office for more information.

Security Deposit

Deposit refunds are issued within 45 days of the lease end date. Residents will receive an itemized report with any damages that are deducted from the deposit amount.

Room & Community Transfers

If another room is available, a written request can be submitted to the property manager for a room transfer. Please send the request to manager@vuecommunities.com

Residents can apply for a transfer to another community anytime, but cannot transfer until the current lease term is over.


Packages can be sent directly to individual apartments. Unfortunately the offices cannot accept packages.


Parking information will be emailed prior to move -in, only one vehicle can be registered per resident. Decals will be issued at move-in.

Parking is on a first come first served basis. No commercial or RV parking.


We are proud to provide internet at all of our student communities. Below is a list of the internet providers and the associated contact information.

  1. College Square: Comcast    855-638-2855
  2. Cornerstone: Lumos    855-465-8667
  3. Oasis: Single Digits    877-778-9283