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Oasis Reviews, Surveys, Comments & Suggestions

Best New Place to Live in Lynchburg!

submitted by Andrea

I loved it this year here and kinda hate graduating.  Pool, friends, fun and the clubhouse rocks.  Suite mates, I’ll miss you!  Definitely the best new place to live in Lynchburg!

response from property

Andrea, you are welcome.  So glad you loved it here!

Sincerely, The Oasis Management Team

More Events Please

submitted by Kylie

Is there anyway we can have more community events this year?  The Oasis olympic games that Lyndsey did last August were so cool.  I met a lot of new friends even though I didn’t win any gold.  Looking forward to returning for a great senior year.

response from property

Absolutely Kylie!  We plan to do many more community events this year.  The Oasis was designed and built with students in mind with tons of great facilities for events as well as self directed activities such as pool, ping pong, game room, media room and of course studying areas in the clubhouse.  And many things to do at the pool and courtyard and grilling areas.  We are looking forward to many events and activities in 2017/2018.  We look forward to welcoming you back home!

Sincerely, The Oasis Management Team

Oasis Facilities Rock!

submitted by Faith

Its amazing! Wish I had another year.  It was so great having separate bills and not fighting all the time with my roommates about who pays what.  It was  very different than the craziness that I had to deal with when paying bills with my roommates at my old apartment.  I really loved that!  The Oasis facilities rock!

response from property

Faith, thank you so much for your kind words.  It is so wonderful when we hear that folks are loving the facilities.  The owner and design team really went out of their way and spent a lot of money to create a cool place just for you and others.  So glad that you like the individual leases.  It seems to be something both parents and students really love. So happy you have enjoyed living here.

Sincerely, The Oasis Management Team

It’s Amazing!

 submitted by Haylie

Loved it all!  What a great experience!

response from property

Haylie, thank you so much for your review!  We are so glad you loved living here.

Sincerely, The Oasis Management Team

Thin Walls, Cheap Plumbing

 submitted by Kristen

What is up with the paper thin walls.  It seems like I can hear everything.  The plumbing is cheap too.  My boyfriend noticed that when he was in the bathroom, he could hear the person upstairs going to the bathroom.  couldn’t you have built this place to be a little quieter?  Don’t get me wrong.  I like the pace, but it’s noisier here than the dorms.

response from property

Kristen, thank you for your feedback.  We do agree that apartment living in general is noisier than living at a singe family home or possibly the LU dorms since RA’s keep a tight rein there.  I do know that the Oasis was built with 6-inch thick exterior walls as well as the walls separating one apartment from another.  The architect went above and beyond the required code and used 6-inch wide studs instead of 4-inch wide studs.  This makes the walls 50% wider and 50% more insulation.  The architects goal was to make them the most energy efficient homes and create extra noise barriers.  Even with these extra thoughtful design elements, apartment living is still noisy.  We are installing ceiling fans in all bedrooms this summer.  This white noise can minimize other noises. Personally I like to use the white noise app on my iphone to help drown out other sounds.  about apartment plumbing, bathrooms are usually stacked and so it is normal to hear plumbing above you. One more thing I should share, is that we do have courtesy officers at night and I am getting rave reviews from the residents that this is going well.

I apologize that you have been inconvenienced.  Please let us know if these things help, but if they do not, please let us know as well.

Sincerely, The Oasis Management Team

So Close, Great Place…

 submitted by Adrian

Loved being so close to Liberty! Other than my roommate being messy, we all had a great year together.  Thanks for the good times, great place and great friends for life!

response from property

Adrian, we think the fact that the Oasis is smack dab in the middle of LU’s 7,000 acres and only 1,200 feet from the graduate campus is very special.  We are also so proud to be served by the Liberty shuttle.  Thank you so much for your comments.

Sincerely, The Oasis Management Team

Bad Parking at Night, But Good Place to Live

 submitted by Maddie

I would like to say I love living here, but I gotta say parking is bad.  I waitress and return home some nights about 11pm.  Most nights I can only find parking in guest paring.  Why don’t guests park there? It’s not fair.

Some of my neighbors are noisy, but other than these two things It is a really good place to live.

response from property

Maddie, thank you so much for your feedback!  I am so sorry to hear that when you return late at night you can only find spots in the overflow parking lot.  I apologize if someone at guest services stated the parking lot is guest parking.  It is actually an (overflow parking lot).  We built 725 parking spaces at The Oasis for 680 residents.  Only 597 of the 680 students had a car in 2016/2017, but on any given night 15-40 cars do need to park in the (overflow parking lot).  Unfortunately, you are correct that the best spots are taken by the time everybody gets home, especially the late workers.  Thanks to your comments and several others who had similar concerns, we added 3 new light poles and signage to identify the (overflow parking lot) this summer. We hope this will help. Sincerely, The Oasis Management Team

Special Note from The Oasis Management

We are so grateful for the comments and suggestions that we receive. This is a sampling of them and we have included all types, the good and not so good comments.